Sites I RAVE


Make Your Own Hoodie Tutorial Craft

Make Memes- Memes such as Fry and Socially Awkward Penguin Storyboard Memes

Actually Use Time For Something Useful-
High School Contests- Writing Contests, web design contests, etc. contests for $Cash$

Free Movies-
Free Blockbuster Express Codes good for one night checkout until 9 pm the next day OR THEY CHARGE YOU FOR ALL THE DAYS
Free Redbox Codes good for one night checkout until 9 pm the next day

Reward Sites-
Disney Movie Rewards Codes
Recyclebank You can get 200 points in no time and redeem them for a free 10 month subscription to Seventeen magazine.

Waste Time!-
If you are into anti-jokes... Anti-Jokes
Pearls Before Swine, a comic by Stephan Pastis
CatVersusHuman comic by Yasmine
Ah Dude- comic via Deviantart
2Spare- Funny mashup of pages, like Funny Exam Answers, you Know You're Drunk When...
Blogzarro "The blog of lies, injustice, and the bizarro way. Funnier than a Bazooka Joe comic, more profound than a fortune cookie, able to waste your time in a single glance. Look, up on the Net! It's a blog! It's bizarre! No- it's Blogzarro!"
9Gag -Memes, fails, funs, waste time
DON'T PRESS THE RED BUTTON- a total time waster. an hour of my life gone. do i regret it? No!
DeviantArt for artists
Project Free TV or One-TVShows- a great place to spend the day for the Netflixless human mind. I've set it to Pretty Little Liars, an ABC Family edge-of-the-seat thriller, but feel free to navigate to any show you've wanted to catch up on!
ReadAnyBook- Read books online free. There's some new ones, Twilight, the Hunger Games, and classics too.
EpubBud- Download the Ebooks to Adobe Digital Editions Free Book Reader
25 Things You Never Knew Had Names- article via Buzzfeed
Buzzfeed- random articles but better than lousy Reddit
Bella BeachWear -Really adorable tiny bikinis!



Tumidei -Awesome furniture ideas that will make you say "Take all my money!"

Coolest Gadgets or More Coolest Gadgets or Even More or This Is Why I'm Broke

Failbook- spend your wholeday lol'ing at people's stupidity on Facebook posts via Cheezburger Network
Monday thru Friday- like Failbook but work. lols via Cheezburger Network
There I Fixed It- redneck repairs via Cheezburger Network
Reddit- "Front Page of the Internet" eh, sorta interesting
The Oatmeal- BEST Comics :) :) :)
SomeEcards- Infamous "so true" cards
SparkNotes -high school hangout and also a great way to get excellent school book summaries for difficult winding books you don't care to read in the first place!

KDWB 101.3- Good Radio Station for commercial free mondays 10am-12pm top 40/pop