Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What I like about me :)

  • So fit I don't need a guy to carry my books.
  • So pretty I don't need makeup.
  • So cool I can hang with the juniors.
  • So cunning that I can take 20 days of trig and get semester credit.
  • Ditching anime for high school parties.
  • Such a stalker when I set my mind to it-
  • Hopelessly in love with a senior, endlessly in love with a sixlet... I'm a 9th grader. Like a freshman ;)
  • ~Marmaduke~ I aspire to be like you; You're a talking dog, Marmaduke, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING
  • And you know it's a real tan, cause my boobs are white...
  • 7 swimsuits. I WILL NOT wear two halves that match.
  • NBK 'cuz I turned them down!
  • No I can't dance.
  • Yes I like hamsters, can you tell?
  • "And you write like a boy"
  • "You have a nice skin complexion" is something I wanted my first boyfriend to tell me, NOT MY ART TEACHER.
  • Friends in high and low places.
  • "All my friends figure out if they poke me right here, I squeak. HOW?!?" "lol I text them." "FFUUUUU!"
  • Toads, FREAK!

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