Friday, September 7, 2012

Fabtastical Cake!


I just used box white cake mixes - 10 of them that I bought on sale. I had 6 6x6 cake pans and I mixed and baked 2 cake mixes at a time, divided them into 6 bowls and mixed in Wilton gel food coloring bought at JoAnns. It's not that hard to do. The hardest part was actually mixing all the icing up (it was a cream cheese frosting) - I had to do it in 4 batches because it just wouldn't all fit in my KitchenAid (powdered sugar everywhere).
I had seen the idea back in February on Ohdeedoh and I knew that I had to do it for his 30th ther-rainbow...
My 30th is in December and I have already told him that he can make me one but I want mine to be 30 different layers of chocolate.

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