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Is walking around barefoot dangerous..?

My dad says that i can absorb stuff from my feet and have it go through my blood stream..i walk everywhere barefoot..outside..! everywhere!

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also we have tile..and my feet can get preettty dirty after a few hours..
4 years ago
sounds kinda nasty..but the bottom of my feet are kinda hard..and i have stepped on glass recently..just a slight sting..i pull out the glass, and just like new...
4 years ago
well i have punctured the bottom of my feet many times ..i just keep walking on
4 years ago
a recent annoyance is stubbing my toe on every other piece of furniture and door..
4 years ago

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Your dad is worried but he has no reason to be. In fact, going barefoot is very healthy! As I'm sure you've noticed, your feet get very tough very quickly, so injury is unlikely. I've been barefoot for eleven years (yes, always and everywhere, indoors and outdoors!) and I get a tiny splinter maybe once a year, I've NEVER had a cut. And your dad is just plain wrong about absorbing stuff through the skin; our skin is made to keep pathogens out. There are very few things you'll encounter in the home and even on the city street that will get absorbed through the skin; some chemicals can be, but you're not working in a lab are you? Even lawn chemicals, you might not want to stand in it on purpose or *treat* your lawn while barefoot, but very soon after treatment it's no trouble... If it were going to hurt you just walking on it, do you think they could sell it for lawns that people sit on, kids play on, dogs run on....?? Normal stuff will NOT get absorbed through the skin! Nor will you pick up diseases. All kinds of things that are touched by many people's hands (door knobs, railings, chair armrests, shopping carts, etc, etc) are quite 'dirty' when it comes to germs, often much more so than the soil, but since it doesn't look so dirty we tend to forget about that... and we get grossed out by the dark but relatively harmful dirt on our soles. But with our hands we are far more likely to transfer those (microscopic!) germs to our face and/or food, allowing them to enter our body. Unless you lick your toes or prop them up on the dinner table, we're at far greater risk of picking something up through our hands than through our feet.

As for parasites, the hookworm is the only non-tropical parasite that can enter through the skin, but it hasn't been a problem in the South since modern plumbing has replaced the outhouses, and never was a problem in cooler climates.

As for Tetanus, of course there is *some* risk of injury, but fortunately a vaccine against Tetanus has been available since the 1920's, with very few side-effects. It protects quite well; there have been no known cases of a vaccinated person catching it in my country at all. And there are other ways of catching it apart from stepping on a nail while barefoot. I get my vaccine every ten years, and I'd advise anyone who's active outdoors (including in the garden) or around animals (including pets) to keep their T. shot up to date, even if you'd never put a bare foot on the floor outside of the shower & pool area.

Your feet won't get 'wider' either; feet are supposed to be wide and strong! Shoes push the toes together, and when you go barefoot a lot they get a chance to keep (for little children) or somewhat regain (for older kids & adults) their natural shape. Saying our feet 'get wide' from going barefoot is like a 17th century woman complaining her ribcage is so wide from not wearing a corset!

I think I covered a lot of stuff here, but there's lots more material in the source. Browse the pages all you like and if you have any specific questions, there's several barefooters on here or if you really like going barefoot you can apply for membership in our mailing list, we have an active membership of 1000+ and are strictly non-fetish so all ages can join.


  • Today I went the entire day with no shoes on. Only yelled at by the lunch lady and questioned by 20 people. I often don't wear shoes at school but today it was from on the bus to off the bus at afternoon. ♥

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