Monday, February 13, 2012

Cut Dorm Room Costs :P

  •   Wash dishes in vanity sink  
  • Wash Clothes in vanity sink then do the clothesline in room with towels on floor to catch drips. 
  • Portable stove 
  • Look for minifridge by school dump 

  • Clubs w/ free food 
  • Dear mom send food 
  • Coupon and pair with buy one get ones 

  • Cheap cell plan or use Google talk for everything 

  • Scholarship/gov. financial aid 
  • Secret shopper 
  • Job at 14 
  • Fold clothes for $2.00/load (OR FOOD) 
  • Walk dogs, other small off jobs 
  • Garage sales 
  • Free on craigslist, also  freecycle 

  • Same clothes as now. 
  • Go to the cheapest college possible for what you want to do 
  • Starve to death on unbuttered bread and water and whatever you can get for free
  • Freebie send-ins to all those free offers on sites 

  • Save change 

  • Bike and walk whenever you can 
  • Tap water 
  • Frequent thrift stores and hit those garage sales, baby! 
  • Target clearance! 
  • Make crafts and penny-things for a profit 

  • Take AP classes in high school for free! 
  • Ghost in on other interesting college classes 
  • Hostess bread (cheap bread $$) 

  • BUY: laser printer to save on school .10/page printing costs
  • buy one get ones on food
  • Reward sites (Disney, Mead, Recyclebank, etc.) 
  • Writing contests for $$$ 
  • Enter store surveys and giveaways for the chance to win 
  • Go to community free events 

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