Wednesday, August 29, 2012

World's youngest Grandma!

rifca stanscu Worlds YOUNGEST Grandma
How old is YOUR grandma/mimi/nonny?  50ish? 60ish?  WELL, a Romanian woman is said to be…
23…yes, as in TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD…born in 1988!  According to numerous online reports, Rifca Stanescu ran away from home when she was 11 and eloped with her 13 year old boyfriend.  They had their first child a year later.
Well, now Rifca’s 11 year old daughter went and got hitched at the age of 10 and now has a child of her own, making Rifca arguably the world’s YOUNGEST Grandma!
According to what I’ve read, Rifca’s family forgave her for running away after the birth of her first child and wanted MORE for her daughter…but that obviously hasn’t worked out quite like she had planned.
Oh and one more little side note…Rifca’s mother is 40, which may make her the world’s YOUNGEST GREAT-GRANDMA.

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